MMM India Launches Promo-Task Contest


MMM India has announced a launch of promo-task contests. A relevant section has been created for the contest in the Personal Office (PO). The first contest starts today, on Monday, August 21, and ends on Sunday, September 3.

What is the contest procedure? Now the Community members get points for completing promo-tasks: from one point (for an easy task) to multiple points (for complex tasks). The number of points received can be seen in the ‘Promo-Tasks’ section in PO. Points are awarded to you immediately after the task is approved by the moderator. If the moderator rejects a task, they will usually add a comment that you should take into consideration when you are going to submit the task for the second time.

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Dear participants, Due to the recent sharp price fluctuations of Bitcoin, MAVRO-BTC is being introduced in the System. What is this and why is it necessary?

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MMM India is looking for loyal, ambitious and responsible leaders!


Dear friends! :-)) The mutual-aid fund MMM is actively developing and constantly improving worldwide. We become better and better, therefore we are looking for loyal leaders who are strive to move only forward and want to build big structures!

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How to get the guider's panel in offline mode.


Dear MMM India Participants! In response to your numerous requests, we have introduced the possibility of getting the guider’s panel in offline mode.

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MMM Saving from Debt


Members of the MMM Mutual Aid Community help each other financially and make a stable monthly income based on the amount of help provided. These conditions give everyone a chance to start from scratch — wipe off debts, provide for themselves and their families, do what they really like.
Our members send us loads of thank you letters, and today we would like to share one of these letters with you. The letter tells you how our Community help a family wipe off their debts.

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How to Create a Strong Password for MMM's Personal Office


The MMM Mutual Aid Community makes monthly payments to each of its members as a percentage of the amount of help provided. It also encourages inviting new members, expanding structures, etc. With MMM, each member gets a chance to become well-off.
However, the Web is full of conmen who pocket other people's cash. They could get a password to your Personal Office and transfer your Mavros to their accounts. Conmen use applications that generate passwords and crack codes automatically. If your password is too weak, you're under the threat of a hack.

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MMM India Charity in Flood Place in Gopalganj - State Kerala. 09.09.17


We did the “Mega Charity in Gopalganj - Kerala” between 540 peoples. In this event we told them about “MMM ideology”, as per their requirement we distribute them food items. Llong Live MMM. Together We Can Change the World.

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MMM INDIA Charity Event in Rudrapratappur. 04.09.17


Description: We organized the “Mega charity event in Rudrapratappur - Uttarakhand” which included 450 people. We told the people about “MMM Ideology”. Then we served them meals as they had asked us for food. We got a good support from the local public who were very happy with MMM and gave a bless and a lot of thanks to our “great ideological leader Sergey Mavrodi” who initiated the food campaign.

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